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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fun family birthday party

We celebrated Kade turning 15 today.  We Ben and I took him to Panera, a yummy soup and bread restaurant.  Two of his favorite things.  While we were out his friend Malory surprised him with this.  

His response was with a smile on his face, "I just cleaned my room."  He thought that it was his brothers till they denied it. and he found a car on his bed with a note from Malory.  He grined for an hour.    

He didn't want anything big so we had a fun family birthday party which included a Super Smash Bro.'s playoff and a movie night.  Fun times.  

While I made dinner Kade played his new 3DSXL that he recently bought.

 Porter pelted him with a balloon.

 Dad sat on Mason's lap like a baby.  Mason swears that he is a bit bigger than a baby.

 He tried to get him off but he wouldn't get off so this is Mason's alternative.  Should we be worried for his future kids?  Just Kidding
 First to challenge, Porter and Kade


 Then Ben and Mason.
 Porter and Mom.

 Cake and Presents.  no fancy cake this year instead he requested  a ice cream cake. Yum
 Ben wouldn't let him have his presents.  Meany.

 We got him a new game for his new system.  Happy guy.  I am so glad to have this fun kid in our family.

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