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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fun family birthday party

We celebrated Kade turning 15 today.  We Ben and I took him to Panera, a yummy soup and bread restaurant.  Two of his favorite things.  While we were out his friend Malory surprised him with this.  

His response was with a smile on his face, "I just cleaned my room."  He thought that it was his brothers till they denied it. and he found a car on his bed with a note from Malory.  He grined for an hour.    

He didn't want anything big so we had a fun family birthday party which included a Super Smash Bro.'s playoff and a movie night.  Fun times.  

While I made dinner Kade played his new 3DSXL that he recently bought.

 Porter pelted him with a balloon.

 Dad sat on Mason's lap like a baby.  Mason swears that he is a bit bigger than a baby.

 He tried to get him off but he wouldn't get off so this is Mason's alternative.  Should we be worried for his future kids?  Just Kidding
 First to challenge, Porter and Kade


 Then Ben and Mason.
 Porter and Mom.

 Cake and Presents.  no fancy cake this year instead he requested  a ice cream cake. Yum
 Ben wouldn't let him have his presents.  Meany.

 We got him a new game for his new system.  Happy guy.  I am so glad to have this fun kid in our family.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Teaching the lessons of importance, Fixing a flat

Ben teaching Porter how to fix his flat bike tire.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sight seeing with Jackson's

Kristy and the kids came down.  While the kids were in school we killed time by going out to the lake to see the damn and go for a hike.   First the overlook.  It was a bit chilly.  We got back to the Jeep and put our jackets on.
Now we were on the new bridge looking down to the dam.  A long way down but not over the deepest spot yet.
 Darcy, the ground isn't under you anymore.  It's air and water.
 Now we are looking form the dam overlook up to the new bridge.

 After lunch we went to find a few tunnels left over from the old train track that they used to transport materials to build the dam with. We only made it to one.  We found better spots to park so we could get to them faster.

 Darcey, Kyron and Kristy

 Me (Aunt Julie), Darcy and Kyron.
 The other side of the tunnel. was the lake
 This is what we found on the other side of the tunnel.  We started by the dam and ended up looking at the Lake.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Valley of Fire our Valentines date

    Valentines was on Friday this year and since Ben had to work late we decided to go on a day long motorcycle ride on Saturday to Valley of Fire.  It was my first big ride. I had rode around town and stuff but not for that amount of time nor that fast.  I did great. I am so glad Ben is patient enough to teach me to ride. I am so glad it is something Ben and I can do together.
     We went from Henderson to Valley of Fire up past Lake Mead.  Just a ways into the park we spotted these guys on the side of the hill.  It is crazy how well they blend in.

I am not sure what this place was called but there was a couple of hikes you could go on.  We went part way down one jut to see the edge.

Then there was this, again I can't remember what it is called, but it was amazing how the colors just stopped and started.

     It was supposed, to be sunny and warm but it was overcast and it didn't let the sun out keeping the temperature just a bit on the chilly side.  We went on up to Logandale to have dinner at Players and then worked our way home stopping a some of the bays along the lake.  It was dark and cold by the time we got home but it was such a nice day to be spending time with my sweet Hubby.